Have a job and need a reliable vessel in commercial survey? Townsville Boat Hire provides short and long-term hire for a range of commercial jobs, from safety boats to water sampling and government work.

We have a hire and drive option (dry hire) for environmental and educational work. Please note: We can only offer this service for scientific research or educational activities under AMSA’s Exemption 15. Fuel is not included and all boats need to be cleaned before return.

Safety is of paramount importance on every job. Our boats all have the required safety gear, pre-start checklists, and we have a safety management system in place.

We are authorised to operate in the Port of Townsville.

We can charge by the hour, or by the project.

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Some of our commercial capabilities

Safety boat
Water testing/sampling
Pest control
School marine studies
Site/infrastructure inspections
Environmental science
Event safety
Taxi to job sites
Aquatic clean-ups
Weed control
Wildlife tagging
Small group tours/functions
Defence work